Chapter 13 – Customs 101 – Page 40

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  1. Tom Caldwell

    Sam is impressed.

  2. bert

    Hope there is nothing fragile or bomb lie in the case, otherwise Sam could be minus loot or limbs.

  3. lorddarcy

    I once saw a grade C Kung Fu movie where one of the characters carried around a small wooden bench. The way he used it was very effectively choreographed. =) One of the female characters used her long skirt as a distraction and weapon.

  4. customdesigned

    The Bad Men just swagger slowly to the battle – letting Sam pick them off. I wonder if they took my advice on the hostage?

    • Aaron Baker

      My interpretation is different, if you look at the bald guy on the right, you can see that his arm and weapon are moving. He is actually swinging at Sam. The problem he has is that Sam is much faster and better trained, so Sam is able to dispatch goon 2 and still come back and hit baldy before baldy can finish his swing.
      Also suggests that Sam’s hits will hurt more since momentum is mass times velocity squared, and impact pressure is based on delta of momentum/surface area.

  5. customdesigned

    And this is why “running away” is the first skill to learn for any martial art. You need the aerobic conditioning to run *to* the battle – as well as last through the gauntlet when a foe with superior numbers lets you fight them a few at a time. And then, running away is sometimes the smart option.

    • Tom Caldwell

      This is probably an excellent tactic. Hit and run. A fighter can choose where to fight.

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