Chapter 14 – Demon Queen – Page 19

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    What’s Sasha going to try? Something like Charades?

    The fastest way to help Lilith learn English is probably to use a program designed to teach English. (Perhaps with the help of flash cards or a computer program which displays images, accompanied by words and phrases?) They’ve got language instruction down to a science.

    That said, Lilith seems very bright. I have to wonder if she’s as smart as Caitlin, who worked out how Jo found classwork boring and was purposely doing mediocre work.

    On further thought, it may be impossible to find anyone who understands either her written or verbal language. One of the oldest civilizations we know about in detail is Sumer in ancient Mesopotamia. And that emerged about 5000 years ago. Her civilization must be over twice that age.

    BTW: Thanks for adding Lilith to the Cast page. But it says her First Appearance was in Chapter 14, whereas she actually first appeared on the first page of Chapter 2.

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    great for you. thanks to this person.

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