Chapter 13 – Customs 101 – Page 59

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    The images for this comic was made with a beta version of daz studio. I’m still learning about this new render engine. The images should get better over time. Let me know what you think. I think the lighting was a bit to dark. This should let me do the comic with lighting and shadows. It has a lot of potential. Before to to do this it took a couple hours or more. So with the 4 panel comic it would have taken better part of a day to do one page. this is much faster so we will see.

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    as to the rendering, the beta light model seems to need a little tweaking. sam and caleb’s bodies are apparently shadowless and the shadow of the filing cabinet is wrong. it looks more like a cloud of soot. the hair rendering is really nice and so are the caustics in sam’s eyes.
    as to the story, i’m sure it isn’t every day that a shinobi queen is struck speechless. the more i think about that briefcase, the more curious it is. either the bad guys didn’t value it, or they knew that the contents were very sturdy since they didn’t seem worried about damaging it. sam likewise wasn’t bothered by using it as a shield, but he seems to find it important enough not to let it leave his hand.

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    Could it be someone got turned into milkshake go getter?
    I think there is even too much light.

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    poor boy (his face…)

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    I used three lights in the scene. At some point in testing, I changed the spot lights to rectangle. I think this softened the shadows to much. This chapter is just about done. Two weeks left then chapter 14 starts. The briefcase will be explained soon. This is the longest chapter I have ever done. I probably should have split it into 2 chapters.

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    My guess is that the briefcase contains money.

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    …. Went well….. That mission was one gunshot short of going right to FUBAR territory it was dumb luck that no one actually died…

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      Yeah… :/ If Sam actually believes it “went well”, instead of just trying to smooth things over with the principle, he’s in desperate need of a stern talking to. (That, or a big slap upside the head.)

      If Sam learned some valuable lessons, such as how not to do things or, better yet, the importance of planning ahead, then at least that’s something. But if he learned nothing from almost dying… then how can he be considered bright? Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same things again and again, but expecting a different outcome? (At least, that’s what they said on Bones.)

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