Chapter 14 – Demon Queen – Page 4

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    It’s hard to tell from the pics but Caitlin is sweating. This dream walking stuff is taking a toll on her physically.

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    She appears rather young to meet an end like this. Any chance she might somehow escape and survive? Would Caitlin or us readers know any different? (And, yes, I know Caitlin is visiting the distant past. Whatever happened, the First Queen is long dead.)

    Perhaps it’s just me, but I can see similarities between the First Queen and Caitlin. They’re both extremely capable leaders, smart, and impossibly skilled (and frighteningly fast) warriors. Beyond that, the hair is similar and… unless I’m mistaken, perhaps a vague hint of resemblance? Could they be related somehow?

    Obviously, Caitlin had to be descended from a Shinobi line to inherit all three gifts, much less be chosen by the First Queen to lead.

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    This seems like a case Chekov’s anti-gun.

    With characters repeatedly stating the impossibility of a very arbitrary and specific event – that Caitlin will have the bracelet – means that Caitlin is going to have the bracelet.

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      If First Queen really wants Caitlin to have the bracelet, all she would have to do is either instruct her clan to hand it down from generation to generation or, better yet, bury it somewhere likely to be undisturbed for thousands of years and tell Caitlin where to look. Somewhere… like a cave.

      But, as old as the Shinobi are supposed to be, that would make any such item ancient and incredibly valuable.

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        Thing is: If it was handed down from generation to generation, it would likely become symbolic. As such, it could get lost, destroyed, or stolen by a disgruntled clan leader or other individual. I could imagine it falling into the hands of, say, (as an example) the Shina family. And then I could see Caitlin finding out about it at some point.

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    Most people dreamwalk. But waking to an alarm clock erases memories of the dreams. Segmented sleep is the normal human pattern that has been all but destroyed by the industrial revolution.

    While visiting and influencing the past may be a stretch, I have taken many valuable things from dreams. I have seen sheet music on a piano in a dream, and remembered it upon awaking (sans alarm). For example:

    Another example: I designed a filesystem using dream virtual reality – sheets of paper float in the air – staying wherever I place them, and remaining rigid enough for me to write on. When I touch an edge – a thread stretches from it to my finger. When I touch another edge – the sheets are joined by the thread. (The thread represented a “pointer”.)

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      Interesting stuff. I have heard of individuals receiving valuable information or inspiration from dreams and/or visions. And I believe much more goes on in sleep than what is conventionally accepted.

      I have noticed that my creativity is much higher immediately after waking or in a place of meditation. In trying to write fiction, for instance, the ideas and words flow much more freely. Hmm… I should probably get in a habit of having a ‘dream notebook’ handy, again.

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