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  1. Tom Caldwell

    I like the leather in general and the style. But it is too shiny. I’ll fix this in next weeks comics. I got a proper domain name for my new comic site. If anyone’s interested check it out. http://one-shot-comics.com/ I know hyphens suck. All the good names are taken.

  2. skrin01@yahoo.com

    Hey! He’s become Neo.

  3. basura

    He better puts the other foot down to, because he isn’t going nowhere until they are done playing.

    If anybody sees him wearing the same thing as the queen they may think it means something it doesn’t.

    Just an idea (since you liked the one about customs):

    They have a Queen. They looked to buy an island to establish a country. They also train in combat, wear uniforms, and act as mercenaries. Why not adopt/adapt some army customs? Every single army, militia or similar force uses insignia to show/distinguish ranks.

    Since they are using uniforms and now looking to differentiate the student council, maybe they’ll have to add some kind of rank insignia or something like that?

    You could make something simple like a headband/bracelet or similar add-on to the uniforms, with a background color signaling the clan and some markings indicating the rank. The marking could be anything you like, maybe a number of small shuriken from 1 to several (kind of like Star Trek rank pins). No band equals normal student, band equals lower rank of student council, and each added symbol ups the rank. For those who graduate, change the symbol, or add a “graduated symbol” before, or differently colored symbol, or a different kind of band/bracelet/whatever. It can be extended even to the clans (or be inherited from them to follow ancient customs)

    By the way, it looks more like vinyl than leather.

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