Chapter 13 – Customs 101 – Page 58

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    Having queen sounds damn proud and I am not even english.

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      A monarchy can work as a form of government… as long as the individual is not only smart, but wise and compassionate. Sadly, such qualities are rare.

      Queen Caitlin has proven herself in such attributes. Though, hierarchy within the Shinobi is determined by fighting prowess and Caitlin was chosen by her predecessor. However, monarchies usually rule through inheritance and bloodlines. (Note: To clarify, Great Britain has a Constitutional Monarchy, which is not to be confused with a pure monarchy.)

      But there is only one degree of separation between a pure monarchy and a dictatorship. It takes just one a-hole or idiot in a line of succession to make things go downhill. And since monarchies rule through bloodlines (instead of being chosen by the qualities I mentioned)…

      It may be good to be the King/Queen/Prince/Princess, as the meme goes. But I never understood why the lifestyles and social caste system of Europe in the Middle Ages has been so romanticized in popular culture. It is clearly the basis for most of the fantasy genre. But the reality was harsh and very ugly. There are reasons why we refer to it as the “Dark Ages.”

      But then, pop culture has also romanticized other facets of history, such as piracy in the Age of Sail. In truth, the life of a pirate was not to be envied – it tended to be harsh and short. (Trivia: Seaman often ate in the dark to avoid seeing the weevils that infested the square biscuits that was the staple of most ships.) Rickets, scurvy and lice were commonplace and personal hygiene was not a priority. It’s not often you find such mentioned in romance novels, much less an accurate portrayal in Hollywood.

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        While studying kings of ancient Babylon, Persia, and Greece until Antiochus IV, I found they have an important restriction. They can make any decree they wish – but may not change it. These kings were well aware of the law of unintended consequences, and *usually* avoided making unnecessary decrees. In a few stories from the Bible, they made decrees in response to flattery, or while drunk, and came to regret it – but too bad.

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    Heh! I think she’s catching on. :)

    BTW: What’s with the Eye of Providence logo on the old man’s shirt?

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