Chapter 13 – Customs 101 – Page 30

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  1. lorddarcy

    “But I don’t have a sister.”
    “OK new plan, we have someone else to rescue.”

    • basura

      That’s what I’ve been thinking. He didn’t ask what she looked like, her age, or even her name! That was pretty dumb of him.

      On the other hand, not angering your wives, and being terrified of them in the hypothetical case you take advantage of a helpless girl is a smart move. Especially since the queen may decide to send them as backup after their phone call, and being caught red handed would be hard to fix.

  2. Tom Caldwell

    Originally, I had intended on Sam rescuing the wrong girl. Later I decided to focus on him just not being able to let it go. That there was someone else who needed help.

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  1. Tom Caldwell

    What’s it doing. Or not doing?

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